Corporate ethics and integrity

All the collaborators of Aerovías Empresa de Cargo S.A. de C.V. (AM Cargo), shared the vision, objectives, and goals of the Companies of Grupo Aeroméxico.

Aeroméxico Cargo : Compliance

Anti-corruption Statement of AM Cargo

AM Cargo in accordance with Grupo Aeroméxico principles, state their absolute rejection to corruption and confirm that acting in compliance with the Code of Conduct, applicable internal policies and national and international regulations in this matter, represent a fundamental element to be acknowledged as honest, reliable, and competitive Company on its business and labor relations, and investments.

Aeroméxico Cargo : Compliance

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is the updated version of 2021 and is aligned with the requirements of integrity and ethics programs that promote the behaviors expected from all the collaborators of Grupo Aeromexico and from third parties related to us.

Aeroméxico Cargo : Compliance