Aeroméxico Cargo : Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Promotion valid from May 3rd 2021 to August 3rd 2021, or while stock (cards and promotional items) lasts.

1.- With the first GOLD shipment for an amount greater than $ 1300 mexican pesos(amount includes: FREIGHT, FIXED CHARGE AND FUEL CHARGE) plus VAT; that the client makes in Aeroméxico Cargo during the months of May to August, the client will obtain a free card "TUS ENVÍOS GOLD SUMAN" in which the client's code and a stamp will be placed certifying the completion of their first shipment, granting the promotional item corresponding to the first shipment.

2.- The card "TUS ENVÍOS GOLD SUMAN" will serve as control and accreditation of the completion of up to 3 GOLD shipments, each one with the amount mentioned in item 1, making it essential to show the card in the counter.

3.- Each time the customer makes a GOLD shipment and presents the "TUS ENVÍOSGOLD SUMAN" card, a stamp will be placed in the space corresponding to the shipment number and the promotional item corresponding to the number of shipments will be delivered to the customer.

4.- In order for the customer to become a creditor of the promotional item corresponding to the second and third shipment, they must show the card with the corresponding stamps that certify the completion of the first and second GOLD shipments.

5.- The promotional item corresponding to the shipping number will be delivered to the customer at the time of payment at the participating counters. Only 1 promotional item will be delivered per shipment.

6.- The promotional items to be delivered are already pre-established by shipping quantity, so the customer will not be able to request an exchange of the item for another.

7.- Under no circumstances will Aeromexico Cargo replace a lost or damaged card.

8.- The promotion is applicable for GOLD shipping already paid directly at any of our participating counters.

9.- Promotion applicable for GOLD shipments paid at origin (PREPAID payment method), and payment method: cash, transfer, credit and / or debit card within our participating counters.

10.- The promotion is not applicable for shipments made by customers who have a credit account.

11.- For each customer who purchases the Gold service and meets the requirements indicated in the terms and conditions, only one “TUS ENVÍOS GOLD SUMAN" card will be delivered, allowing registration only once.

12.- The "TUS ENVÍOS GOLD SUMAN" card is non-transferable.

13.- Aeromexico Cargo employees do not participate. Terms and conditions

14.- Promotion valid at Aeroméxico Cargo counters in MEX T2, GDL, MTY and TIJ, for Gold services that meet the requirements originating in these cities and to any destination operated by Aeromexico Cargo.

15.- The services acquired at the Aeromexico Cargo branches in Mexico City (Sarabia Branch, Gustavo Baz Branch) do not participate.

16.- Participating product: GOLD.

Doubts, clarifications and comments about the promotion, please contact us at 55-55-51-03-53 and 55-55-51-03-52 or send an email to

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