General Cargo


A shipment can be considered with more than one classification according to the type of cargo (e.g. wine bottles: Wet and fragile); therefore, in such cases, all packing materials that apply should be considered respectively.


  • · Cardboard or wooden box.
  • · High-gauge plastic bag (not to exceed 30 kg per piece).
  • · Jute or canvas sack.
  • · Carton, plastic or metal keg.

Please consider:

  • · Electronic devices must be packaged in their original packaging, or in cardboard, or wooden box, or rigid material that is strong enough to protect the contents.


  • · Leak-proof primary container.
  • · Secondary leak-proof container (such as Plastic or styrofoam cooler w/o drainage).
  • · Dampening material.
  • · Absorbent material.

Please consider:

  • · Bottles (primary packaging) should not hit against each other and there should be no empty spaces inside the cardboard or ice box (secondary packaging).
  • · Cardboard box may be used only if the primary packaging is leak-proof.

Fragile Cargo

  • · Rigid cardboard, wooden, or metal box.
  • · Outside wood grate (which will prevent the goods from being directly impacted and damage is caused).
  • · Dampening material.

Please consider:

  • · A space between the goods and the box should be provided for the dampening material.


  • · The contents must be in paper or plastic envelopes or any material that together with the documents does not exceed 3 kilograms in weight.

Heavy cargo
(+80 kg)

  • · The load must be strapped on a wooden pallet, except if the part has a flat contact surface and handles or holes for loading and if the weight and dimensions facilitate handling.