Bonded Warehouse


Aeroméxico is the only Mexican airline in the market providing its own bonded warehouse.

With our air transportation service, ramp service and warehouse controlled, we integrate into our customers' logistics chain offering competitive advantages.

As one of Mexico's most important Hubs, we achieve connectivity at all our routes and beyond.

Our services

  • · 3,000 square meters in bonded warehouse with export and import services.
  • · 24/7 services
  • · X-ray revisions
  • · Explosives detection
  • · Cooling chambers at Cool (2 to 8 °C) and Ambient (14 to 24 °C) temperature ranges, 800 m3 capacity, equivalent to 18 PMC or 120 skids.
  • · Freezing service at -7 to -2 °C.
  • · CCTV.
  • · Handling of refrigerated containers
  • · Warehouse with over 1,000 positions for storage of goods.
  • · Dynamic rack to deposit up to 10 ULD.
  • · 300 square meters for preliminary examination, with 24-hour service from Monday to Friday.
  • · Dedicated counters to help import and export customers.
  • · e-AWB services

Handling of special cargo

  • · Live Animals
  • · Securities vault
  • · Perishable Goods
  • · Refrigerated containers
  • · Hazardous Goods
  • · Human Remains
  • · Courier and parcel services
  • · Oversized

On counter requirements for imports (AICM Customs)

Legal entities
    1. Entrust Letter If the destination is the metropolitan area, the letter must be delivered in original; if it is within Mexico, it may be delivered in copy.
    1. A copy of the official identification in force of the legal representative, who shall be the signatory of the letter.
    1. ID and copy of name badge of Customs Brokerage rep.
    1. Original entrust letter sent by the consignee.
    1. Copy of the consignee's current official ID.
    1. ID and copy of name badge of Customs Brokerage rep.

Please refer to the requirements to be contained in case of assignment of rights or entrust letters:

a. For legal entities.

  • i. Original letterhead with rubber stamp.
  • ii. Copy of the Power of Attorney showing the details of the legal representative.
  • iii. Handwritten signature of Legal Representative

b. For individuals

  • i. Formal letter
  • ii. Handwritten signature of consignee

Shipments of a passenger in flight

If a passenger on the carrier made a shipment, the goods may be delivered without customs representation under the following conditions:

    1. Traveler may enter using a boarding pass, even if cargo was not actually shipped on the same flight.
    1. Applicable only for persona items and companion animals.
    1. The air waybill must be consigned in their name.
    1. Flight to have taken place 30 days before or after the arrival of their belongings.
    1. Appear at SAT offices with flight ticket information, passport, and air waybill number.
    1. SAT and SAGARPA offices (in the case of live animals) will issue permits once all documents are validated.
    1. It is mandatory to obtain and submit the corresponding official document issued by SAT for clearance purposes.

In the case of live animals, requirement includes proving all application and validity of vaccination; otherwise, these will be necessary at AICM Customs by hiring a veterinarian.

Important! If for any reason, SAT does not allow access to consignee, a customs agent is required to collect goods.

On counter requirements for exports (AICM Customs)

Original and four sets of copies of:

  • · Master guide
  • · Manifiesto House.
  • · House guide
  • · Simplified import permit (pedimento) request with gamma seal
  • · DODA form (Operation Document for Customs Clearance)

Original and two sets of copies of:

  • · Cargo transfers
  • · Security documentation letter
  • · Acceptance letter
  • · Copy of customs name badge

Additional documents depending on the nature of shipment, consult with the corresponding authorities for necessary documents, for transportation and compliance at destination.